One night stand dating app review

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Kazisho 2 years ago
I understand where many of the comments are coming from and justified. Many have become apart of a culture of being offended by every little thing. What I can personally relate to is being bullied and personally hurt by being born into a middle class family and going to schools in predominately wealthy areas. You cannot control the family/wealth you are raised in. You cannot control the way others treat you. You CAN control a school environment and school should be focused on one thing: EDUCATION. Yes my life experiences good and bad taught me many good things but being teased and bullied for things I could not control was hard to deal with as a child.
Voodookree 2 years ago
I guess you're right. It's kind of suspect though because she was a bus driver and she missed her turn and was hijacking us in order to complete her route correctly.
Vudolmaran 2 years ago
Being a passenger with someone else driving having to bite back smart azz comments.
Kigat 2 years ago
I want to go back to school.
Tygoshura 2 years ago
Little do they know, most of us would smash Erykah Badu before we smash her critics. 😂

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