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Kejas 1 year ago
sexy pantyhose, bad fuck
Zulkisho 1 year ago
K ricas fotos tienes aceptame
Moogukazahn 1 year ago
Remember Alchemy, Neptunism, the Geocentric Universe gibberish, Spontaneous Generation, Lamarckism, Emication, the existence of the planet Vulcan, Lysenkoism, Gradualism, Trepanation, the Miasma Principle of illness, Abiogenesis, Telegony, Junk DNA, the Widening Earth claim, the existence of Phlogiston, Martian canals, the Copenhagen interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, Luminiferous Aether, the Steady State Theory, Cold Fusion, Hollow Earth Theory, Phrenology and other such canards preached by Science as truth?

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